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Michael Karl is an Atlanta- and New York-based actor who has performed professionally since the age of 10. He has performed in multiple regional productions and has worked for Disney Cruise Line as a mainstage performer. Michael holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee as well as a certificate of Vocal Pedagogy from BAST under the tutelage of Lisa Haupert.

In 2016, Michael moved to Atlanta, Georgia to continue his career in TV/Film and the performing arts. Shortly thereafter, he opened up a private, in-home studio for coaching voice, acting, and audition preparation.

As a private voice coach, Michael helps his students with various techniques including accessing a healthy belt, strengthening head-voice and a strong mix, and works with each student to find and discover their true potential as a singer & performer. By incorporating various vocal exercises, coupled with song material selection, Michael works with each student to set goals and is able to address the various issues that every singer comes across.

It is his belief that finding & developing your inner artist, follows a sincere passion for your craft. It is this very passion for which he is driven to develop his students’ voice & acting abilities as they continue to grow.

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