Nathaniel Sundholm

Voice Instructor + Audition Coach


Nathaniel Sundholm (He/him) is an Atlanta-based voice professional (performer, coach, and therapist). Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he received his training in vocal performance at the “Fame” school (“Laguardia Performing Arts!”) and University at Buffalo. He continued his education in Speech-Language Pathology at Vanderbilt Medical School and has a “day job” as a voice therapist in a local academic medical institution.

Performance credits are challenging to follow as they represent Nathaniel’s vocal diversity. Favorite performances include Hairspray (“Corny Collins”) and Evil Dead the Musical (“Ash”). Nathaniel is also an active member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus and a studio vocalist for several Atlanta-based recording studios. Nathaniel is known for his vocal diversity and is often requested to lay BGV’s in a wide range of genres (Gospel, R&B, Rock, Rap, etc.).

Nathaniel specializes in the care and development of the voice in both artistic and physiological contexts. He is often a “coach to the coaches” and consults with both vocalists and voice teachers nationally and internationally to provide vocal expertise in a wide range of genres and vocal demands.

With Nathaniel as a voice coach, you can expect excellent care of your voice, improved awareness of vocal wellness techniques, increased vocal flexibility, improved access to your full vocal range, and authenticity in your development as a unique musical artist. Genres of expertise include Soul, Pop, Gospel, R&B, Musical Theatre, and CCM. He will always expect your best and will help you find your “shine” in each lesson.

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