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Hello, and welcome to Michael Karl Studio’s Blog. I’m Michael Karl, and I wanted to kick off our blog with an intro to tell you more about myself, about our studio and give you an idea of what kinds of content you can expect here. 

The truth is, I never envisioned owning a performing arts studio. I never imagined myself as a teacher, but life is full of twists and turns, and I can’t imagine my life without the students I teach and the community I have helped to create. 

I have always loved music and theatre. From a young age, I sang in my church choir and at school and was part of the school musicals and plays. While my elementary school did not have a terrific arts program, our choir director did the best he could under the circumstances of an underfunded, highly restrictive music program. 

Acceptance was a constant struggle. In middle school, all of my peers were into sports, and all I wanted to do was perform. Moving from a conservative private middle school into a public performing arts school came with culture shock. It took me a long time to adjust and find my place. 

In my Sophomore year, I was invited to audition for an outside educational theatre program, and in an instant, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere – like I was home. This group of performers accepted me into their family as one of their own and became the launch pad for my career in performing arts.

I am so fond of my memories there, so much, that they have shaped my adult life. It helped me understand who I am, who I want to be, and what small mark I want to make in my short time here. 

No matter where I ended up, I always knew that the purpose of creating my studio was to provide a space for young artists to belong. 

The core mission in my life is to help parents of young performers understand the unique gifts of their children and to help those kids realize their full potential. No matter your circumstances, you have a space to be yourself and share your voice at Michael Karl Studio. Be who you are because you are great!

I believe that artists have the power to change the world. There is a commonality between a small arts community looking to tell stories and a larger social community trying to shape and change the world around us.  

Art has a way of changing the hearts and minds of a generation, giving us a deeper understanding of humanity—love, loss, and hope and creating a stronger, more profound connection with all of those around us.

This blog is about the learning of self, art, music, theatre, story-telling, and more. 

Our purpose is to provide you, the reader, with unique perspectives on all things related to performing arts from other artists and mentors within the realm of performance. Enjoy and subscribe today to be notified when we publish new content.

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