Act with confidence

Train with a professional coach to overcome pitfalls and share your truth.

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Grow your skills​

Perform with confidence

Reach artistic goals

Act with confidence

Train with a professional acting coach to overcome pitfalls and share your truth

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How we can help

Why train with Michael Karl Studio?

Curated coaches

You get paired with a professional coach experienced in your genre.


Your lessons are 100% focused on expressing your unique voice.

All levels welcome

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, we're here for you.

A place to belong

We believe every artist deserves a space to grow and belong.

Get instant feedback on your acting with a no-stress discovery consultation

First step is to see with your curated coach.

Get instant feedback from your professional coach.
Learn how you can reach your artistic goals.
One time $25 fee. No commitment. 
"Acting is living 
under imaginary circumstances"
-Sanford Meisner

How private acting lessons help you thrive

Master Technique

A strong foundation and process help you develop your skill and understand the art of acting.


You'll put your acting technique to the test through monologues, scene work, and voice acting.


You'll be prepared to ace your auditions through plays, musicals, film/tv and more.

Live Performances

Perform live in our studio acting showcases, an invaluable experience for actors.

Michael Karl Studio_ Singer

How you overcome acting pitfalls to share your truth with the world

Acting isn’t easy. It’s our pitfalls from self-doubt to insecurity. It’s why we create a space for mistakes. At MKS you’ll build your acting muscles. You’ll learn what moves you. And you’ll channel all your empathy and talent into every single scene.

Because that’s how performers grow.

Master the fundamentals of acting.

Learn an acting method that works for you.
Gain live experience 
Michael Karl Studio_ Singer

Navigate the emotional rollercoaster of acting with a professional coach who has been there.

All our coaches have battled self-doubt, insecurity and fear. But we’ve learned how to transform it. And so will you.

Private acting lessons designed around you

All plans are month-to-month, so there’s no long-term commitment.

Bi-Weekly Lessons

Weekly Lessons

Learn your artistic profile

Recorded sessions

Quarterly Showcase

Monthly CrashCourse Masterclasses

Additional performance opportunities

Exclusive community social group

Discounts on group classes

30% off drop-in lessons

Plans start at



per month

Plans start at


per month

Twice Monthly Lessons

30 Minute Plan - $81/mth | 45 Minute Plan - $117/mth

Private lessons, every other week.
Recorded Sessions
Studio-wide showcase
Monthly CrashCourse Masterclasses*

Weekly lessons

30 Minute Plan - $162/mth | 45 Minute Plan - $234/mth

Private Lessons, Every Week
Priority Scheduling
Recorded Sessions
Studio-Wide Showcase
Additional Performance Opportunities
Exclusive Community Social Group
Monthly CrashCourse Masterclasses
Discounts on Group Classes
30% Off Drop-In Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

Your tuition is billed on the first of every month. Your membership is month-to-month, so there’s no long-term commitment.

Michael Karl Studio offers online lessons from anywhere and in-person lessons in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you join the community, your $25 deposit will automatically apply to your one-time $50 registration fee and first month of classes. Your registration fee covers the cost of your curriculum, sheet music, masterclasses, performances and our amazing studio offerings.

The world is full of sets and stages
Find a coach to help you own yours.

Michael Karl Studio secures a $25 deposit to reserve your spot with your teacher. Following your consultation, you will be able to apply your deposit towards your first month’s tuition! We want you to be sure you LOVE your teacher, so if it’s not a good fit, let us know and we will be sure to find you the perfect fit.

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