Get into a performing arts program that's perfect for you

Train with a professional coach to overcome pitfalls and share your truth.

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Grow your skills​

Perform with confidence

Reach artistic goals

Get into the performing arts school that's perfect for you

Train with a professional acting coach to overcome pitfalls and share your truth

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How we can help

University Prep is a coaching program that guides students and parents through the rigorous performing arts admissions process


Throughout this rigorous and exciting journey, we guide high-school students and parents through every step of the process.

Experienced coaches

Experience matters. Every University Prep coach has auditioned and graduated from prestigious performing arts colleges.

A wise investment

College is a massive decision. An investment in University Prep helps secure your future in the competitive world of performing arts.


Getting into top performing arts universities is always competitive and often confusing. Book your free consultation to find clarity.

Thankfully, you don’t have to run this creative gauntlet alone. Book your free 45-minute consultation to talk to a University Prep coach about how you can find support through it all.

Get into a school that feels like 

University Prep students have been accepted at over 40+ of the world's most prestigious performing arts universities

A special note for stressed out parents from coaches who have been there

College prep is a time of big decisions and whirlwind emotions. We understand your stress. We hear your questions. 

Is there a future here? Will they make it? How will I know for sure?

We’ve all been through it. We know what success requires. But looking back, we wish we had a team helping us and our parents.

University Prep exists so you don’t have to navigate this alone.

How to apply yourself and get into the perfect school for you


Book your free consult

It all starts when you book your free 45-minute consultation. You’ll meet with an admissions specialist to talk about your university dreams.


Apply to

Your coaching team will guide you through the entire admissions process to apply to the perfect schools for you.


Celebrate admissions

We’ll celebrate your admissions and guide you on your big decision. And before you know it, you’ll be off to start your next chapter.

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Find Your Track and Step Up

Explore our different University Prep tracks across the performing arts. 

Musical Theatre


Navigating college admissions can feel like a disorienting maze. Take a deep breath, and let us guide you toward success.

Find the Perfect School for You

College Preparation Assessment

We'll evaluate your skills with helpful feedback. You'll ask us any questions about the entire college audition process.

Find Your Perfect Schools

You'll gain access to the STAR platform with 340+ performing arts programs. We'll teach you how to find your dream schools.

College Preparation Assessment

We'll evaluate your skills with helpful feedback. You'll ask us any questions about the entire college audition process.

Find Your Perfect Schools

You'll gain access to the STAR platform with 340+ performing arts programs. We'll teach you how to find your dream schools.

Prepare for Your College Auditions

Material & Wardrobe Selection

Our audition coaches will select personalized audition materials based on your ability and type. We'll also find the perfect wardrobe.

Mock Audition Session

Our audition coaches will walk through your in-person or online audition. You'll learn what educators are looking for, and how to ace it.

Filmed Prescreen Session

A private prescreen audition with two experienced coaches. Your audition will be edited for your college submissions.

Private Audition Coaching

You'll have four 45-minute coaching sessions to refine your auditions.

Professional Headshot

You'll get a professional headshot session with one of Atlanta's top-rated photographers.

Creative Resume

Our creative resume designer will provide you with a professional resume that sets you apart.

University Prep students enjoy 50% off all UP Intensives, Masterclasses
and Workshops

You can take advantage of additional training to help you prepare for the next level. 

University Prep™

12 months of support

starting at | $1,750    → 

Why choose University Prep

"Michael has managed to take the weight of the world off of my shoulders with his work. His teaching style is effective and his work has proven to be beneficial to me as a performer. He works extremely hard to ensure that his students exceed their point of potential and excel in the areas they need work in. As an aspiring young artist and performer, he has been a mentor to me and provided support for me in ways I didn't believe possible."
Kaylan R.
University Prep Student
"Michael Karl has proved an invaluable resource to our family as we navigated the college audition process. He is extremely knowledgeable, talented and relates well to his students.Additionally, he has put together a team of professionals that can address any needs you might have.I would recommend Michael Karl Studio to anyone wishing to improve in music and theatre, especially those planning to pursue these areas in the college setting
Shelly L.
Student's Parent
"We have worked with Michael Karl Studio for six months as our son has prepared for college auditions in Musical Theatre. Although we were late getting started, Michael and his team quickly caught us up and our son was well-prepared for his audition pre-screens as well as his in-person auditions. Michael is a highly organized professional who was instrumental in keeping us on track as we navigated the maze that is college musical theatre. Additionally, Michael and his team spent time getting to know Alex so that they could help him choose and prepare vocal and acting audition materials that were relevant and meaningful to him. Their coaching has been top notch, and they have formed relationships with Alex that have made the process enjoyable for him. Overall, we could not be happier with the level of commitment and the quality of the work provided by Michael Karl Studio. "
Toni A.
Student's Parent
I started acting a year ago with Michael, and he helped me with my college auditions. I was accepted to two top conservatories and could not be any happier with Michael's service! He does everything he can to help my practice and can't explain how grateful I am to have such a great mentor. Highly recommend.
Mateo R.
University Prep Student
"Michael has been amazing in helping me prepare. I had 8 auditions and I have so far been accepted into 3 of them! I recommend him if you are interested in taking acting lessons or even voice!"
Aerial E.
University Prep Student


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All the key dates to know when you are applying for schools.

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